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7 Days of Halloween Treats - Friday

Frankenstein Fingers Friday

A Recipe from 7 Days of Halloween Treats, by Kimberly Hodgkins


Sugar Cookie Mix
Green food coloring
Green frosting
12-24 slivered almonds
Strawberry jelly
Black food gel

Step 1: Mix sugar cookie mix as directed. Add green food coloring (optional).

Step 2: Using a spoon, make finger shapes across cookie sheet, 2 lines with 6 fingers shapes.

Step 3: Bake as directed on package. When done remove from oven, let cool.

Step 4: Cut in half and trim cookies with knife to resemble fingers.

Step 5: Frost each finger cookie’s tip with green frosting. Place almond sliver on each tip.

Step 6. Place a dab of strawberry jelly on the bottom of each finger cookie.

Step 7: Using black gel, draw three lines in the middle of each finger cookie.

Step 8: Enjoy your Frankenstein Fingers Friday!

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