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Sugar-Free Recipes

This Month's Sugar-Free Recipe

Sugar-Free Raspberry Mousse Cups

Here is a delicious sugar-free dessert for your next holiday. You can find the ingredients for this recipe in almost every major grocery store. I like to use Splenda as a sugar substitute when preparing desserts. Equal is also a suitable substitute. You can buy both Splenda and Equal in bulk for baking. Keep in mind that artificial sweeteners such as Sweet’ N Low are mostly used for beverages and sauces so that type of artificial sweetener would not be appropriate for this recipe. A good rule of thumb when using Splenda or Equal when substituting for sugar is to use the same measurements. For example, if a recipe calls for ¼ cup sugar you would use ¼ cup Splenda or Equal.

Raspberry Mousse


1 ½ cups frozen no sugar added raspberries, thawed
¼ cup sugar substitute for baking or 6 packets sugar substitute
1 tablespoon sugar-free raspberry gelatin
1 tablespoon lime juice
4 cups sugar-free whipping topping, thawed


Step 1: In a medium saucepan, combine 1 ½ cups raspberries and sugar substitute. Stirring constantly, heat ingredients over medium temperature until mixture turns to liquid.

Step 2: Stir in gelatin and lime juice. Remove saucepan from heat. If desired, place raspberry mixture through fine strainer to remove seeds.

Step 3: Place mixture into medium bowl. Let mixture cool for 5 minutes.  Fold in whipping topping. Chill in refrigerator for 60 minutes.

Chocolate Cups


12 small round balloons
3 oz. sugar-free chocolate (bars or morsels)
4 teaspoons shortening


Step 1: Line cookie sheet with wax paper. Inflate the balloons so that the balloons measure approximately 3 inches in the center, tie balloons in a knot. Place balloons on wax paper.

Step 2: Combine chocolate and shortening in a microwave-safe shallow dish approximately 9" inches wide. Microwave chocolate mixture on medium for approximately 1 to ½ minutes or until chocolate is completely melted. Remove from microwave.

Step 3: Hold balloon from the top where knot is located. Gently dip each balloon in the chocolate, tilting back and forth to create a tulip edge. The chocolate should measure approximately half way up the balloon when tilting. Lift the balloon and let excess chocolate drip off of the balloon. Place balloon onto the wax paper. After all balloons are set on the wax paper, place into refrigerator for 30 minutes or until chocolate is firm.

Step 4: Remove chocolate cups from refrigerator and carefully pop each balloon with a pin or sharp knife. Let sit for approximately one minute, gently lift the balloons away from the chocolate cup. Place on serving tray.



1 8 ounce tub sugar-free whipped cream, thawed
½ cup no sugar added raspberries


Step 1: Remove raspberry mousse mixture from refrigerator; place mixture into each chocolate cup measuring to about the middle of cup.

Step 3: Place a large spoonful of whipped topping on mousse. Top with a single raspberry. Place back into refrigerator until ready to be served.

Makes 4 servings
Nutrition Facts Per Serving: 164 Calories (77 Calories from Fat), 8.5g Total Fat (Saturated Fat 1.3g), 33mg Cholesterol, 423mg Sodium, 7.5g Carbohydrates (Dietary Fiber 1.4g), 14.2g Protein.

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